Energy Loss – Why am I tired? Loss of energy can be a severe medical issue with many different possible causes. It can range from causes such as: Anemia Diabetes Thyroid problems Heart disease Sleep apnea Menopause Manopause Depression Vitamin deficiency Adrenal fatigue It can also be from problems such as lack of sleep, lack of exercise and an insufficient diet. These problems are easier to correct than the problems listed above. I would like to add to that list another possible reason to consider for your loss of energy and fatigue. Think about this, how tired would you be if someone asked you to contract your biceps muscle (arm) all day. It would not only make you extremely sore in that a


How to heal faster Hey everyone – here is a small list of things you can do to heal from an injury faster. Try to get from food sources, not just supplements. Calories are needed for healthy healing as well. Amounts listed are for healthy adults. Consult your physician before adding anything new to your diet. Drug interactions are possible. Omega-3’s – Anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Aim for 1.5-2g/d. Fish, flaxseed, chia seeds are good sources. Vitamin C – Needed for new connective tissue (collage synthesis) & growth of new blood vessels, as well as an antioxidant (more on that later). Really good post-surgery to help with wound healing. Aim for 1-1.5g/d. Dark leafy greens, kiwi, and


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