Dr. Cabral is originally from Salinas, a small town on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. In his spare time, he enjoys dabbling in the culinary arts, and trying out new recipes and flavors. This hobby is extremely relaxing for him and he loves sharing his love of food with others. Dr. Cabral graduated from the Inter-American University Metropolitan Precinct with a college degree in Biomedical Sciences.

He then continued his studies and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Since a very young age, he recalls wanting to become a doctor. He also remembers receiving his first anatomy book at the age of four or five. However, one of his most impactful memories occurred while travelling to California in 2009 to visit his sister who had been receiving chiropractic care due to several injuries that she had received as a result of her involvement in gymnastics. He became overwhelmingly impressed with just how much she had been improving, with the help of chiropractic treatment, after having lived with the same chronic pain for countless years. Within that same year, he returned to Puerto Rico and made an appointment with a chiropractor, to inquire as to whether it might provide relief for his own lower back pain. Dr. Cabral had previously experienced multiple traumatic injuries as a result of his participation in both gymnastics and judo. However, when he visited the chiropractor, he was in shock as to the extent that one treatment was able to relieve his pain. After that initial visit, he called his sister and shared with her, how much better he was feeling. At that moment in his education, he was finishing his bachelor’s degree with plans to study medicine. However, it was at that time that his path changed direction and he decided his calling was to study chiropractic medicine. He wanted nothing more than to provide relief, care and support to others the way that it had been provided to him and his sister.

Meet Dr. Ricardo Cabral

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