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At SCNHS we view the musculoskeletal system as interrelated parts that work together to achieve a desired movement

Biomechanically, Chiropractic joint manipulation or mobilization restores normal motion and alignment to the joints assisting in restoring proper mechanics, thus allowing the body to perform at it’s best through proper alignment.

In order to get the most effective therapy we must treat the body in layers starting with the outermost soft tissue, working our way deeper to the skeletal system.  If a muscle has developed scar tissue from overuse or trauma it will be very tight and may be the reason why the vertebrae has gone out of its normal alignment.

If we only use the Chiropractic adjustment and do not address the scar tissue we may only temporarily resolve the dysfunction at best.  This is why combining Chiropractic adjustments with highly effective soft tissue therapies and rehabilitation exercises lead to the long lasting permanent relief that we have come to expect.

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