Helping and serving other people has always brought Dr. Müller much joy and satisfaction.  Ever since she was little, she knew that healing and caring for others was her purpose in this life.  She believes that physical, social, and mental aspects affect every patient’s quality of life. This brought her to gain a special interest in the chiropractic profession.  Her passion for the dancing discipline was another huge influence for her becoming a chiropractor.  She had the opportunity to receive chiropractic care and rapidly noticed its effects not only during dancing periods, but in her daily life.  She has had the opportunity to treat a varied patient base including athletes and kids.  Part of her philosophy is based on performing rehab exercises for patients to reach the most optimal results.  And as treating the overall patient is very important to her, she is currently in the process of becoming certified in Acupuncture as well. 

She is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico where she lived until she decided to study Chiropractic and moved to Florida.  She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2019 after concluding her bachelor’s degree in Biology Sciences.  Dr. Müller’s formation in dancing has been a huge part of her life. She started on Ballet when she was six years old, and continued her education in other disciplines such as Ballroom Dancing, Middle Eastern Dancing, and “Flamenco”.  She enjoys going to the beach and being in nature to recharge. She also loves travelling and learning new things.  

Dr. Nikole Müller

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