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Dr. Belabin is an Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Doctor as well as a Board Certified Physician Assistant that specializes in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine. His focus is to educate patients and improve their quality of life through holistic, Integrative, anti-aging medicine. Dr. Belabin believes that the human body is designed to take care of itself and if put in the right environment it will keep itself functioning proficiently. His goal is to help people focus on wellness, health maintenance, & disease prevention. Dr. Belabin has specialized training in Botox and Fillers, PRP, Hair Loss treatments, Human Cellular Tissue Product Therapy and Biological Hormones treatment plans.  



Quantum University  

Doctor of Integrative Medicine – 2018-2020 

Nova Southeastern University  

Physician Assistant Studies 1998-2000 


Training Experiences In Several Scopes of Practice Including:

Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Cosmetic & General Dermatology, Emergency Medicine,

Holistic/Integrative/Alternative medicine, General Surgery, Primary care/Family Medicine,

Aesthetics, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiology,  

Dr. jeffrey belabin

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