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  • Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (HBT) is a safe method of delivering more oxygen to the body at the cellular level.

  • HBT provides the optimal environment for the body to carry out vital cell processes, thereby increasing the capacity for the body to heal itself.

  • HBT utilizes filtered pressurized ambient air to dissolve oxygen directly into the plasma, cerebral and spinal fluids, flooding tissues and vital organs with oxygen.

  • Mild Hyperbaric Therapy allows for healing at the cellular level, which is critical for changes to be made which in turn affect healthy tissue formation, making it possible for healthier organs and ultimately a healthier body overall.


  • YES! The hyperbaric chamber uses filtered ambient air, so there is no risk of oxygen toxicity to the body even with regular use.

  • The chamber can be depressurized and opened from the inside.

  • Once inside the chamber, both visual and verbal communication is possible with the outside, and there is also a buzzer for help.

  • Most people report a comfortable, relaxing experience and emerge from the chamber feeling refreshed.

  • This therapy is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and there are no dangerous side effects.


  • The mild hyperbaric chamber is filled with compressed ambient air from 2 to 4.5 pounds per square inch. (1.3 ATA max) This is the equivalent of 11 feet below sea level.

  • The increased pressure allows the blood plasma and other liquids of the body to absorb additional oxygen thus greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain, and fluids of the body.

  • The resulting uptake of oxygen allows for increased circulation to areas with swelling or inflammation. At the same time, the increased pressure decreases swelling and inflammation.

  • Oxygen is then utilized by the body for vital cell functions, healthier cells equals healthier tissues, and organs.

  • The human body is capable of healing itself when it has what it needs. There is NOTHING the human body needs more than OXYGEN.




  • An increase in atmospheric pressure allows for more gas to be dissolved into any given liquid.

  • Oxygen, the 8th element on the Periodic Table, exists as a gas at room temperature.

  • The human body is composed almost completely of water. Gas under pressure dissolves in water


No dangerous side effects have been reported with Mild Hyperbaric Therapy.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for your first session in a chamber:

  • Some people experience a mild discomfort to the ears when pressurizing the chamber, not unlike during the ascending part of an airplane ride.

  • Some people following their first few sessions experience slight fatigue as the body sweeps itself clear of toxic debris that has built up in the body. This is safe and necessary.

  • It is advisable that you wear comfortable, loose clothing. (Pantyhose and other tight garments may contribute to feelings of claustrophobia.) Bring something to read, as the sessions last about 60 minutes. You may want to bring a favorite cd, dvd player, portable game, etc.

  • Do not drink large amounts of fluids before entering the chamber.

  • Do not wear perfume or cologne when you are coming for your session.

The chamber will seem smaller when deflated than it is when fully pressurized. Within one minute the chamber will inflate completely, allowing enough room for an adult to sit upright or lie fully extended.
After the chamber inflates, it will begin to pressurize. This is the time when you may experience pressure in your ears. The easiest way to relieve any discomfort this may cause is to equalize your ears using one or more of the following methods:


  • Close your mouth and firmly clamp your nose shut with your fingers and thumb. Blow, as if you were blowing your nose, but keep nose and mouth closed. You will feel the air come out through your ears when you have done this procedure correctly, and this should relieve the pressure.

  • Yawn. Stretching your mouth as wide as possible, even stretching your tongue out. This will cause the sinus passages surrounding your ears to drain and relieve the pressure.

  • If you are the parent of a small child who is having trouble with their ears during pressurization, try massaging the area just below the ears and right behind the jaw. A baby still on the bottle or pacifier should be given either of these, but if your child is likely to spill drinks in the chamber please try to monitor them with liquids.

  • Sit upright. Turn your head completely to the right, then completely to the left. Repeat earlier steps until the ears are cleared.

    Vibration therapy units are either motor-generated plates or vibrational models. WBV machines typically range from 3 to 50 Hz (vibrations per second). The vibration plate works by stimulating the body’s natural ‘stretch reflex’. This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer in a doctor’s office. Without thinking about it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction, leading to your leg ‘kicking out’. The vibration platform works in a very similar way. 3000 muscle contractions per minute. The WBV platform drops either 2 or 4 mm. This is a very small and gentle drop. For example, let’s say that you are standing on the vibration plate with a gentle knee bend. Once the platform drops 2 mm, your muscle is quickly lengthened, or ‘stretched’. The body reacts to this by quickly contracting the muscle. By the time it does that, the WBV platform has already returned to the first position. The platform drops again and this is repeated. Since the WBV platform has been designed to do this 20 to 50 times per second, you can get a maximum of 50 muscle contractions per second! In one minute, you can actually get 3000 safe and gentle muscle contractions. This is the equivalent to doing 3000 knee bends. You can only imagine how long that would take without the WBV. Nearly 100% muscle recruitment. In addition to these muscle contractions, vibration exercise is also able to work more of the muscles. Because the vibration effect makes the muscles contract involuntarily, all muscles that are being exercised will be activated. In fact, with regular training such as weight lifting, only 40% of your muscles will be working. With WBV vibration exercise, that number can reach nearly 100%. Not only will you get more muscle contractions in a short period of time, but also more of your muscles will be working during this time. All this leads to WBV vibration exercise being a safe and fast way to exercise effectively. Like aerobic and anaerobic exercise, whole-body vibration increases physical strength, dexterity and endurance. Heightened circulation increases oxygen uptake, while mechanical oscillations create tendon stretch reflexes to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions throughout the body.
    Whole Body Vibration combined with enhanced air and other proprietary methods will enhance recovery, promote performance and provide a valuable parameter for emerging oxygen enhanced brain based rehabilitation applications. We call it Oxygen Enhanced WBV or Oxy-WBV. Comparable to weight repetitions at the gym, WBV can increase muscle strength and work tolerance with less effort and time for the same movement. In some cases, WBV can boost muscle strength more than ordinary weight training in a shorter time period. WBV can also be a therapeutic adjunct for people with paraplegia, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. By stimulating muscles that the brain can’t control, WBV helps minimize lower-body atrophy and, in some cases, reconnect the signal from the brain with previously atrophied muscles. Patients with postural problems often report new awareness and control over lower abdominal muscles after WBV sessions. In addition to whole body strengthening and improved endurance, WBV provides other key advantages.
    During WBV, the moving plate excites stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in joints, promoting increased receptor activity and challenging balance and coordination in a safe environment. Single-leg activities during WBV promote improved static and dynamic balance through that lower extremity.
    WBV can quell the effects of osteoporosis by balancing hormones and increasing mechanical stressors on bones via involuntary muscle contractions.
    The vertical movement stretches joints, thereby increasing space and replacing fluid between the bones, while raising critical blood flow to an area. Intermittent pressure stimulates optimal cartilage function. Like a sponge repeatedly squeezed underwater, synovial fluid is repeatedly pumped through cartilage. This improves joint mobility, eases joint stress and relieves tension.
    Pregnancy can soften connective tissue and pelvic floor musculature. Vibrational therapy quickly returns the hormonal system to balance while firming connective and muscle tissue.
    Improved blood and lymph circulation via WBV speeds healing after surgery or trauma. Serotonin release calms a patient, while HGH release speeds recovery. WBV also inhibits the loss of muscular strength during the postop period.
    In addition to these specific applications, whole-body vibration can return a range of systemic benefits, leading to a healthier, pain-free body.
    By stimulating muscle contractions, WBV promotes blood flow to increase cardiac output and overall circulation. Current research continues to demonstrate that blood cells individualize and resist clumping as a result of WBV.
    WBV stimulates proprioceptors to trigger muscle and joint contractions.
    The lymphatic system connects every organ to purify the body and strengthen immunity. The system works via the pumping action of movement and exercise, which is often limited by a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Vibration therapy stimulates lymph drainage to promote detoxification and strengthen the immune system. Some new WBV models are shaped like beds and chairs to promote healing in bedridden or nonweight-bearing patients.
    WBV increases the release of human growth hormone, serotonin, neurotrophin, testosterone and IGF-1, which factor into regeneration and repair. This can be helpful during significant life transitions such as menopause.
    Regular use of WBV can result in a trimmer, shapelier body. By increasing metabolism, blood flow and lymph drainage, WBV can dissolve excess body fat. Stagnant fat deposits are stimulated and metabolized, and HGH is elevated. Many patients find WBV sessions more efficient than lengthy aerobic workouts. The modality can motivate overweight patients and allow those with low-back pain, painful joints and other health problems to reap the rewards of an exercise plan.
    serious cardiovascular conditions, pacemakers, pregnancy, recent surgery, epilepsy, severe diabetes, acute hernia or the presence of metal implants that may loosen. Also, patients with discopathy, spondylolysis, recent infections, active tumors, painful herniated disks and recently placed IUDs, metal pins or plates should avoid WBV therapy.
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