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Life is very active, full of endless possibilities and uncertainty. We need to move and feel our best in order to be ready for anything the day may bring. Whether your goal is to optimize athletic performance, get rid of pain, obtain an accurate diagnosis, prevent an injury, rehabilitate an injury, avoid invasive surgery or simply be able to keep up with your children, our team is highly qualified and ready to help. At Sports Chiropractic and Natural Health Solutions, you have access to therapies that are typically offered only to professional athletes. We bring these therapies to everyone that desires that same level of superior care.

We believe in providing the most advanced non-surgical therapies to help reduce pain, avoid surgeries and improve total well being and athletic performance.

How We Are Continuing to Protect our Patients During Covid 19: 

  • Newly installed TriadAER which helps destroy viruses.

  • Spacing out appointments between patients

  • Minimize seating with minimum to no wait in the lobby.

  • Separating patients to an available room if overflow occurs in lobby

  • Have patient sanitize/ wash hands upon entering and exiting office

  • Patients must be wearing masks

  • Touch-less temperature checks

  • Our doctors and staff will be wearing masks.

  • Tables are being sanitized after use of each patient (as always)

  • Complete commitment to sanitizing our space and keeping our patients safe.


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